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Top best anniversary status & quotes in English for WhatsApp and FB - here you find anniversary status and anniversary Shayari status in English hello guys welcome to my website anniversary is a pleasure point of our life and don't waste its time so make this time special so guys if you need to the anniversary status then you here find the best collection about that the topics.

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anniversary status

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latest anniversary status 

1.  when you with me then always an anniversary happy anniversary

2.  both are the siblings of for together happy anniversary

3.  this couple make best memories of the love in the world happy anniversary

4.  a true couples no need any wishes for a happy moment they are always happy with together

5.  this day I will never be forgotten because of this day I meet my soul happy anniversary

6.  life is for only love and you are also for this happy anniversary

7.  anniversary is a marriage memory which is always live in the hearts so happy anniversary

8.  my years best day is anniversary day which day is only with you happy anniversary

9.  your types couples is never in the world I wish this day can fill ful of all your dreams happy anniversary

10.  my golden time is my anniversary time

11.  wish you a hearty wish for your anniversary

12.  the married couple is a two soul in each together happy anniversary

13.  happy life is a marriage life and this day is  also the happy anniversary

14.  my valuable time is only for you for this special day happy anniversary

15.  makes more greetings, make more wishes, make more enjoyment for this day happy anniversary

16.  a good couple is always best in all the time with together happy anniversary

17.  heart is living in the best memories this day is also the happy anniversary

18.  anniversary is another day of the marriage day happy anniversary

19.  happy anniversary to my dear who can fill my life with the lots of love

20.  here are my all blessings for your best day happy anniversary

21.  loves every moment is an anniversary time

22.  happy anniversary is gave me my back days which is also very live in very happy

23.  in the way of busy days of life's anniversary is breker point happy anniversary

24.  marriage is a circle of love happy anniversary

25.  anniversary is gifted which is given by the marriage

26.  I love to wish you a happy anniversary

27.  anniversary can do the fresh our marriage life so happy anniversary

28.  my think is starting in with love happy anniversary

29.  the anniversary can build the loved things all the life happy anniversary

30.  my diary is full fil with only your things and  loves so happy anniversary

31.  you seeing best in with the couples happy anniversary

32.  gift is a part of an anniversary day and this part is much enjoyable

33.  along the way my anniversary is the best in all the worlds anniversaries

34.  this wish for someones who in the two bodies in one life and one souls happy anniversary

35.  only fun this day which day makes your life easier happy anniversary

36.  marriage is a pleasure of life's and the anniversary is a good thing of life

37.  always have a smile because this life deserves only pleasure happy anniversary

38.  this sense of love comes when you come happy anniversary

39.  this anniversary can do the blast your mind and your thinking happy anniversary

40.  anniversary is a good feeling of a bonding happy anniversary

41.  wishes are likes gift for anniversary so happy anniversary

42.  my choice is to befall down in your love in every day happy anniversary

43.  true lovers is the best part fo any anniversary happy anniversary

44.  my feelings are blessed in this day happy anniversary

45.  this kiss is the best gift for my partner in this anniversary happy anniversary

46.  anniversary is celebrated in only with couples with together happy anniversary

47.  there are no other things in place of love for you also in this day happy anniversary

48.  this day does not come in every day so let's enjoy it a happy anniversary

49.  sorry don't be disturb me this day is only with my partner for a happy anniversary

50.  I realize this anniversary can give me much shines for my life with your help happy anniversary

anniversary status

anniversary Shayari status in English 

51.  be a bond, be fun, be a shiner, be love, be a always is called a happy anniversary

52.  this flower can do the best signature for  our love in this anniversary

53.  never be feel alone because I am always with you happy anniversary

54.  bonding with partners can defeat all the problems in life's happy anniversary

55.  your bonding is a good  sign of true lover happy anniversary

56.  your nearness  is like a god's nearness happy anniversary

57.  my way is only for my love happy anniversary

58.  you are my today, tomorrow and yesterday and you are all for me a happy anniversary

59.  my dream comes again in this day  happy anniversary

60.  love is the best guard in our life happy anniversary

61.  I feel very is with you and this  day is also very wich gave me my luck happy anniversary

62.  my love does the charge on my anniversary day

63.  this golden anniversary can make your life more beautiful happy anniversary

64.  anniversary is not a party it's only the best feelings of our life's best memories happy anniversary

65.  live life good, make partner good, enjoy within it good, and fun it all happy anniversary

66.  the anniversary gives you life's best time to feel and enjoy it a happy anniversary

67.  don't miss this day because this day is everything for your life's happy anniversary

68.  my class is within my partner who give can help to meet me a good and real life

69.  my anniversary is not an anniversary but it is also my dream my dear

70.  the second bonding after marriage is an anniversary day which is a very closely happy anniversary

71.  anniversary is a theme of your life so make your life's theme best happy anniversary

72.  anniversary is like a title of the life which is great for everyone's life happy anniversary

73.  this  day is very magical and add more magic in this day happy anniversary

74.  I feel like a rockstar in this day with my partner a happy anniversary

75.  our need is everything for together so that makes everyday anniversary day happy anniversary

76.  my Disney land is income within my anniversary day with my lover happy anniversary

77.  the mean of the anniversary is one day, all day, fun day, celebrating day happy anniversary

78.  love is  a feeling of hearts and it blows it in this day happier anniversary

79.  my desire is only with my partner happy anniversary to you dear

80.  two life, two bodies, one soul, one feeling, and one day is a happy anniversary day

81.  remember this day and feel it this day is coming to you a lot of love and happiness happy anniversary

82.  a large sence of memories of your life is coming back in happy anniversary day

83.  be loyal for an anniversary because of this day is very special  for your partner a happy anniversary

84.  lots of greetings and lots of fun this day is give you a best day of the month happy anniversary

85.  be take care, be aware, be massy, be shiner and be an also good  anniversary day

86.  I wish for you the wave of your life is going be up in the day happy anniversary