Top best and latest  heart touching WhatsApp status in English 

Top best and latest heart touching WhatsApp status in English - here you find heart touching Whatsapp status and heart touching Shayari status in the way of life some person has come to our heart and some is very far from our heart so those come we have the best collection for giving the heart touching status so guys if you search for heart touching status then here you find beat status about that.

heart touching Whatsapp status in English you will be also found in this post so use this status and also share it online. 

heart touching status

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1.  heart is a center for all that the feelings

2.  my heart can encounter my love always all the time

3.  never bethink it, my love, is  a time pass but it is my life

4.  touch of the heart is possible in with you also and ever

5.  remind those days when I am with you these the days are very messy

6.  never be free for the peoples who you think your relationship is free

7.  heart is a way to live with the love

8.  my heart is the gave me shine in my life

9.  vision of life is with you in all in the world

10.  I will never be a miss to you for missing you

11.  your avoids me  can hurt me largely

12.  the fever of love is not with all body but it is with the one body is you

13. I am the don for the security of my heart which has to stay in your heart

14.  heart is the flower pot of the love

15.  touch of god is by touching the heart by love of you

16.  my dream is to start with you and end with you

17.  heart is the big player for the feelings his can play a big role by the feelings

18.  my heart is my love and you in it here

19.  my biggest fair of the life is that your forgiveness I so never be doing this

20.  the shape of my heart is match up with you

21.  the feeling is nothing but your nearness is everything

22.  hearts blessings is a great source of loves long life

23.  your weakness is my weakness your strength is my strength

24.  be love with you is a can make my life like a heaven

25.  I always feelings very sad when I am staying in your heart

26.  the war always happens when anybody comes in with my love

27.  heart is very special its can heart only special persons

28.  the real game of life is playing by the hearts and some peoples can play it with me also

29.  my hearts oxygen is you which is live my heart regularly

30.  your feel of aloneness is very painful so please come with me

31.  the heart is random thinking is going in with you all those thinkings

32.  your smiles can give me full of my smiles

33.  if your heart is gone be shine then I heart is copied your shines also

34.  also dream for true love not for the false love

35.  the heart is in my mind is think you all the days

36.  here are no season for the love when my hearts can tell me than the all-season is here

37.  when you come in my life then my life is being enjoyable and when you live me my life being very sad

38.  your touch is the touch of the heart

39.  touch of life is the heart touching wife

40.  here is the ocean of the sadness when you forgive me in here

heart touching status

41.  never be hurt my heart feelings because it's hurt you largely

42.  height of love is with the level of the heart touch

43.  heart is the my famous writer is can write to me in happy love all time

44.  the heart is the flow of the thoughts of the joy

45.  the hard thing is your nearness in my life

46.  believe in your heart is can give you best all the time

47.  never be deleted my sad moments in my hearts and my minds anybody please helps me

48.  some times heart is my friends and some times the heart is my enemy

49.  the poorness of life is not come by the less income but is come by the few love feelings

50.  if your heart touch anybody person heart then your responsibility to take it hands

51.  heart is the poem of the loves

51.  heart touchup is the biggest touch up of life

52.  hearts  waves is the my loves waves

53.  I also daring for forgetting because it can break my heart

54.  heart is the big leader of the feelings of loves

55.  my value comes in with you the your values so never be do less your value

56.  the bit  of love is the biggest gift in the world

57.  my size of the heart is only fitted in your hearts

58.  the guard of love is the ward of heart

59.  font of love and hearts is a circle with moves in only with you

60.  the status of heart is a stayed big feelings in here

61.  be given the potential to your life is also by the hearts choice

62.  the sad side of life away of the love

63.  the dark way of love is a avoid together

64.  my frame of hearts love is  fitted in with you only

65.  the gateway of the heart is the door of the love is you and you only

66.  the dreamer love is your love of the heart

67.  the one rule of love is heartbroken of the heart

68.  heart is very soft so secure it from the bad lovers

69.  venus of the heart is with you all with the wave of heart

70.  your love is your real money of life is can give you your real bite of love

71.  hurt bites is the part of the loves bites

72.  today of life is with you all the fun in the right

73.  a one reason can break your relationships of the hearts so be careful always

74.  you are my love you are my life and you are my heart all the time

75.  a name of the heart is the name of your love

76.  relationship of the heart is the way of the lots of obstacles, hurts, heartbroken

77.  the poem of love is the poem of the wizards

78.  a true love is never be going to do fail our love in our life

79.  saying of the god is the saying of the love and hearts

80.  the heart is the movers of the life

heart touching status

81.  the bad night is with the avoid night

82.  dare to love is the biggest dare to the life

83.  do love not by the mind because it is not loved is an attraction of eyes

84.  my heartly loves is the seals of the happiness and joys

85.  thinking of love is the way of  living life with the fun

86.  a desire of love is the desire of the thoughts of hearts

87.  be a good attitude in your love because a bad attitude can born your love life all the time

88.  beware your love values is a higher performer of your life

89.  nice of hearts waves that can make your way of love easy

90.  the lesson of love is come up by the exams of the loves

91.  never be mind it the broken hurt is the part of the love

92.  mind it your love is can make you stronger than me

93.  dumb thinking can always create your bad loves so think smart

94.  the heart is the soul of the loves

95.  mind is for thoughts and the hearts is for  the loves

96.  also rises  your hearts its can meet up you in with your love

97.  love is the best diet of the heart

98.  heart is the wheel of the hearts

99.  a hug of love is a hug of hearts

100.  hearts is the best dynamite for the loves