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Top best life status and quotes in English for WhatsApp and FB - here you find life status and life Shayari status in English every person have an own dream about their own life and then to needing a status which can fit your wants so guys if you looking for the life status then here you find the latest collection about that the topic.

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latest life status 

1.  life is more than from our thinks

2.  life is a given purpose for everyone to live life

3.  life is energy so feel it and get charged by this energy

4.  life has more ways to find your way and live life

5.  if you think life is long then it is small and if you think life is small then it is very long

6.  life is possible and life is enjoyable  and life is hopefull

7.  you are a hero of  your life so do it your life happier

8.  if life gives you a chance so don't think too much

9.  life is the vision of finding our goals

10.  life is always with you and give a chance you to prove it yourself

11.  life is for gaining not for a ban

12.  life is too easy if you learned by life so easy

13.  life is not a  credit card it is a debit card so do work in your life

14.  if you can change yourself than your life is automatically change so change first to yourself

15.  life is a giveaway

16.  life is based on your focus so clear your goal and be focused on your life

17.  life is waiting for you to do it something unique and big for a unique and good image of you in your life

18.  life is nothing but it is everything

19.  life is one life not many more so use  this life for something good

20.  if you see positive then life is good and if you see life is negative then the life is bad

21.  life is nothing dude it is based on your work

22.  life is science so find  the mean of your life

23.  life is never the end it is also with everyone

24.  the way of your life is not clear if you confuse and the way of life is clear if you not confuse

25.  life is a good  teacher so learn from life

26.  life is not a subject so there is no other chance to live life with your bad things

27.   life is my good friend

28.  life is my girlfriend and gives me a lot of hugs every day by providing us a chance

29.  the content of life is very long so you can not understand life in a few times

30.  I can update our life's value by increasing our value

31.  nowadays only for you to live life in your ways

32.  life has our class so don't waste your time and create your own class

33.  the victory of our life is possible with the victory of  us

34.  the day is not very far when my life is going be sunshine

35.  life has own term and conditions and privacy and policy so always know and be remembered by life's

36.  what now you think it is in based on your life and your future

37.  the big mistake of us in our life is that not take life seriously

38.  life is not a fool so don't be do joke with your life

39.  I can find my life in with you

40.  set your dream big in our life because life is too short

life status

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41.  life does not give you a second chance if it gives you then never be do it left this opportunity

42.  life is easy or hard please tale me that

43.  in life never be go to down always try to go-ahead

44.  life is everything which things you have about for life

45.  life is never easy and tries it to do it easy

46.  life has a big purpose so let's know the purpose

47.  live your life in today, not past or future

48.  the test of life is very good if you serve the right dishes to life

49.  life is more beautiful more then you think

50.  my life is billion-dollar life because of it is very charming

51.  the way of life is not very hard if you make it not hard

52.  you are the achiever of your life

53.  you are the artist of your life so make it good

54.  always smile in your life because life's no guarantee

55.  enjoy life's every part

56.  life is one thing that does it now and tries it and tries it

57.  life don't know your vision so tell them your vision for finding

58.  life is a thing so fulfill your life with good things

59.  life gives you more than whose you want but tries it for it

60.  if you want to enjoy your  life every day then loves your work

61.  life gives you much punishment if you do not focus on your life

62.  think big and make your life value big

63.  the day of our life is very special because I can do the big for our life in this day

64.  life is not like a cycle it is like bike so not be lazy be a mover

65.  if you want to no do work in our life so you could not achieve anything

66.  like your life because this is very beautiful

67.  if you find your passion in your life than you find the success of your life

68.  here is the focused is everything in your life

69.  find your way to find your life's broker to make your life more valuable

70.  live your every day like its the last day this thing can change your life ever

71.  the way of life is not very easily to be harder to make your life easier

72.  there is the nothing motivate you if you not select your way and confused in our life

73.  life is a relationship so make your relation with life good and make it good

74.  if life wants to hug you then not understatement it

75.  if life pushes you hard so don't be sad it can take your exam

76.  if you live life clearly so yo find your life is very clear

77.  I can feel its life gives me a best chance for proving it

78.  if you best learner than you find life gives you lessons in every day

79.  if you think life is too bad so I can tell your life is not but you are clearly bad

80.  if you feel success then you achieve it very fast in our life

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81.  life gives you blessings  in every day if you take it

82.  life is not a god it is about you is everything so make your value bright

83.  if you can want to do work then you find there is various opportunity in our life

84.  life is like ballon so fulfill ourself with more talent and ready to fly in the sky

85.  if life is shouting louder you then you know its the time is best for do it something big

86.  my life is best because I am the best

87.  my life is a big dream

88.  I do the best because I born to do it best in our life

89.  life never dies if you always born with good qualities

90.  this thought can change my life I can do it

91.  I know my qualities in my life no other person knows this so let's be an informer of our talent

92.  life is very big if you in cycle and life is very short if you in an aeroplane

93.  my life is my respect

94.  my life is my mom

95.  my life is my family

96.  my friends is my life

97.  if you move it then you find, if you search it then you find, if you work it then you find it

98.  life is not busy but you are also busy

99.  in our life opportunity like a bus a go then now is coming again

100.  life wants to charges you daily if you ready to charge it