Top best short status for WhatsApp and FB in English 

Top best short status for WhatsApp and FB in English - here you find the best short status for Whatsapp and short status hey guys if you looking for the best short status for Whatsapp then you are in the right post here you find the best latest short status.

short status for Whatsapp in English you also find in this post so guys use this status and share it in social media.

short status for whatsapp

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1.  the vision is clear is for the success vision

2.  no way for the poor things this time  is the rich things

3.  forget the waste of life and accept the nice

4.  my life is  my focus on the joy

5.  my hotties do the summers more hotness

6.  listen right and wake up for the right

7.  the rule for life do the big mood for life

8.  my occasion is the my love

9. I am a god for the bad

10.  use your mind not your thoughts

11.  the fake way is my style way

12.  my close things can give me a bit of love

13.  my flavor is for the finding heights

14.  valuate the minds with the good morning times

15.  glad is a turm for the bad

16.  hey listen you are only me

17.  sun give me charmed and am take this

18.  your value is in your minds not in your mouths

19.  the clear way is the success full way always

20.  the fight is a date which is my lovely date

21.  hangout the night with the lovely night

22.  my day is the my work

23.  only present is your past and future it's only waste

24.  level up guys with the good wines

25.  go to the crazy and go to the moody

26.  floor up guy with the beauty bites

27.  my enjoyment is my lessons for life

28.  Search for the good and search for the beauty it's my duty

29.  my heart is wants girls and girls only

30.  guys attitude is just like a loving lifestyle

31.  my day is my love day only

32.  love is my desire for life

33.  pray for the good and pray for theme

34.  my decision is for the run long run

35.  if you crazy then you are very near in your goals

36.  my best treat is for the dreaming good

37.  if you follow life as a friend then life gives you hug

38.  never be forget the song is the vision of a good life

39.  pray for the girls for taken for me

40.  if you true then you are a fool

short status for whatsapp

41.  work is loved by the heart

42.  my pleasure is for the running for the goals

43.  take the best and give the best it's my rule

44.  so sad if you have bad friends

45.  feel light with my side

46.  troll the world with the attitude world

47.  possible the way if I am on the way

48.  wisdom is my life of a heaven life

49.  do the best for the creating the good

50.  my day night is my love

51.  king of motions is my love motions

52.  dear never be treat me as a dear

53.  the common thing is with me it's my coolness

54.  full by the diet and wake for the heights

55.  live your day like it's your last day

56.  win up the life with the positive sides

57.  positivity is a drink of success

58.  the time is a reflection of life so give the best for your time

59.  try good and find best

60.  the hidden way is my success way

61.  if you troll me then i faults you

62.  my fight is only for the dreaming wides

63.  go for the fair and find the fair

64.  the height is possible by the time

65.  style is my upper feels of life

66.  the blessed day is with your day

67.  if qualities have in with you then you are best in your life

68. I am the designer of my styles so dons copy them

69.  won the life with the thinking wide

70.  my level is for the heights  not for the grounds

71.  if you want to fly sky then grow up your wants for goals

72.  the king way is the my way

73.  my best quality is the my dreaming quality

74. I am the beast for the bad feats

75.  my life is a for the friends and wines

76.  cool up the way with the actions way

77.  my action is my habit for a good life

78.  act like me and behave like a hero

79.  my oxygen point in life is my love life

80.  reflect up the world with the full worths

short status for whatsapp

81.  my all way is for the money way

82.  money time  is the my time

83.  be good for the finding worths good

84.  blow up the life with the fully smile

85. I know I am a master for your feelings

86.  gladiate the world with the positive world

87.  if you troll me then I will troll you

88.  laugh guy its life is only for the one times

89.  time is the my feature world which is liked me always

90.  the wings for the love is by the beauty bites

91.  soul up with the worth up

92.  not be lazy for dating me as a lazy

93.  my desire is the my final fire

94.  be goos like me be good like hearts

95.  the song for the best is the my worthy song

96.  realist the world with the money world

97.  my nature is the my destiny for the life

98.  the winner's moves is my moves

99.  being the dare for finding the dare

100.  fuel up the life with the best partners choice