Top latest love status in English for WhatsApp and FB 

Top latest love status in English for WhatsApp and FB - here you find best love status and love Shayari status love is the best part of the everyone's life and without it not thinkable to live life so guys if need to be the best love status then you find in the here best status such types that.

love status in English for  Whatsapp and FB you will also find in this post so use this status and also share it in social media.

love status
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Top best love status 

1.  love is the motivation for me

2.  love is happiness for me 

3.  love is what that is can change our life

4.  if you in love then you live a better life

5.  if you fall in love then you fall in a lovable things 

6.  this world is only fulfilled by the love 

7.  love is my favorite keyword

8.  love is my favorite content

9.  I only live life for best things of love 

10. I can see only one status that called the love status 

11.  love is can fulfill your dreams 

12.  love is the best motivation of the world

13.  in love lovable things never be lost

14.  love is my favorite secrets

15.  do love and fall in love 

16.  love is medicine for me  

17.  love can fulfill your heart full of joy and happiness

18.  if you in love then you never be alone 

19.  love can change your mind and change it very joyfully

20.  love is the best power in the world

love status

love Shayari status 

21.  if you live life without fall in love then you miss the best things of life

22.  love status do not try to find it be in always with us 

23.  love is not temporary is always a permanent 

24.  love is the only good sense that can help us to live life better

25.  love is the engine of our heart 

26.  lovers don't need to find status for their love they know everything about love

27.  love is the not dumb things it is extraordinary things 

28.  if love is don't have in the world then the world is don't live

29.  my level of love is very high

30.  I do everything for our love 

31.  if my love is no more then me no more 

32.  world best things is the only one thing that's a love

33.  love is the greatest pleasure

34.  love is best feelings in all over the world

35.  losers can't be fall in love 

36.  you are my favorite love 

37.  love is not an option

38.  love is not an opinion

39.  love is not about taking it is about giving 

40.  love is not meaning full

love status

love attitude status 

41.  live life with fall in love 

42.  love is my favorite subject

43.  I sing a song only for our love 

44.  I live life only for our love 

45.  love is to change your breathing sound in musical sound 

46.  love is a hopefull don't be dumb full

47.  only in love every day live your life with the best day in our life

48.  love is not a science 

49.  love is not a subject it is the best feelings ever

50.  don't find your love it is meet with a strange 

51.  in life love dose is very important

52.  in love life is like a good blessings 

53.  love is more than to we have to think about it

54.  don't fall in love it does automatically

55.  don't  say I love you because I feel it in your eyes

56.  I think if you fall in love then me absolutely fall in love with your 

57.  lovers don't need words to explain our love 

58.  love is a good gift by the god 

59.  love is a blessing of the god 

60.  love can teach you everything about life

love status

love status for boys and girls 

61.  love is not doing it is also happen by the strange

62.  in your first meet I do fall in love with you

63.  love have our fragrance it is better than of all fragrance

64.  love is not a word it is a feeling

65.  love is the way of god

66.  my heart is going be the mood of love when I see you

67.  love is my first privacy

68.  be alone and be love alone

69.  this ring only for my love which is precious then me

70.  the word of love is not small it is the mean is also very big

71.  love is a true worship

72.  I need your help I need your love

73.  in your love I realize the world  is very beautiful

74.  love is a bond of two souls

75.  the way of  love is very long so fall in love with think so

76.  the greatness of love is not only my love me but it is in me and you both

77.  I can find the source of love only from with you

78.  when you smile my love is growing and my heart is enjoying

79.  your beauty is much beautiful more than love's  beauty

80.  when I with you the lovable moments is never comparable

love status

81.  my vision of love is very clean and clear

82. I have only one dream and the dream is only love

83.  there is no more no thinks more than love

84.  I love my beautiful thing that thinks only about love and you

85.  I encourage you and always encourage you to love me

86.  lovely places don't be created but it is also happening by the lovely peoples and from their love

87.  I can value our love it is million Doller love

88.  my eye is waiting for seeing my love

89.  I can find you in my heart's big place

90.  there is no place for other people in my heart is this place only for you

91.  the long term feeling and good thoughts is that love

92.  I can update my love when I with you, when I see you, when I miss you and when I kiss you

93.  my energy is coming from only form your love

94.  I can play a game that game is my favorite this is a love game

95.  your eyes can be told me this message you love a lot of me

96.  I can find my world in with you

97.  today I give a gift to my love that gift is me so she's very happy

98.  I can find my love status it is a long and always with me

99.  you are the signature of my love

100.  your love is shiny, your love is brighter, your love is very lovely, and your love is only for me