Top latest sad status in english for whatsapp and fb 

Top latest sad status in english for whatsapp and FB  - here you find best sad status and sad shayari status so guys if feelings like a sad then you need to  a sad status which can describe your feelings in social media so try these status for sad status.

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sad status

 Top latest sad status 

1.  my sadness in not a sadness is my treatment and it will be going to good in sometimes after

2.  the sad things why comes only with me

3.  I have a lot of sad statuses so please anybody take my sad status

4.  my sadness is my silence

5.  if you feel sad than sometimes after you feel happy

6.  I am not sad but I know need to be get happy

7.  these one thing can do the broke my mind and my heart

8.  today I can lose my heart which is in with a one-person

9.  you know my happiness is lost

10.  I hate sad things please help me to avoid these things

11.  sadness is like poison

12.  I can see your eyes then I know you are very sad at this time

13.  this very ugly because I have a lot of sad things

14.  don't  be feel sad feel happy because I am with you

15.  love is the most reason for thousands of sadness

16.  this season also gets me a lot of sadness

17.  I will never miss you because you always heart me

18.  I just like the sad status you know why

19.  your ugly things always can do you sad

20.  sadness  is just like a season some times after it will be gone automatically

sad status

sad Shayari status 

21.  I can fear always to be a sad

22.  sadness is my failure

23.  I realize sad things have a lot of secrets

24.  why you can always disappointment me

25.  sadness is like a rain

26.  some things can hurt you deeply

27.  if you want to happy to all of the guys then you always went be sad

28.  sadness is like a sea

29.  don't  be taking any person heart for hurting them because of some of them very of its

30.  why I can control over sadness

31.  how to come you in my life forgets my heartbroken

32.  sadness always comes with some persons who want to happy all the time

33.  my sadness reason is only you and you

34.  sometimes you feel sad because you need it

35.  you don't deserve the sadness so fell be happy

36.  break up can hurt me an in deeply

37.  sometimes some happy things can do you sad

38.  when I have not with you then I have more sad things

39.  sadness is like blessings some times its best for you

40.  I feel sad because I feel alone

sad status

sad feelings status 

41.  this is very sad in my life have not any happy

42.  sad things can blast you fully so be happy

43.  some persons cheapness can hurt me a lot of

44.  I am not sad person but I feel very sad

45.  sadness is very tougher

46.  your one thing can break me fully your living me

47.  sad things is very dumb so broke it

48.  sadness makes you stronger in some times so don't be depressed

49.  my heart is  broke most loudly than the glass is broken loudly

50.  I pray to god, please turn my sadness into happiness

51.  don't create your sad value and don't create your sad things because its things create value

52.  don't be underestimate the power of sadness

53.  if you do someone sad then you do not feel happy

54.  sadness is like a circle of giving and take

55.  hey sadness you are very bad

56.  one thing of sadness is very good this thing is can good effects on people in sometimes

57.  if you feel sad then you need to meet me

58.  I know my coolness is less than the sadness

59.  I sadly inform you, you do hurt me largely

60.  it is  so sad these things is why happens with only me

sad status

sad love status 

61.  sadness is a power

62.  sad thing is technic of reconcentrate of your mind

63.  I hate the content of sadness

64. I do not like one keyword is called a sadness

65.  don't take my sadness is like a permanent

66.  loneliness + disappointenet + unlikeness + understamated = sadness

67.  if sad things can sad you then you are doing the sad of  sad things by avoiding it

68.  sadness is not like a coma

69.  my sadness is not my weakness is my motivation

70.  don't be feel sad but also feel me

71.  sadness does not have any bright future

72.  I am not sad, sad is my thought

73.  I realize the sadness is not like me

74.  sad is such a very sad

75.  sadness has own quality this is such a very helper

76.  I feel  very depressed

77.  I am not shy but I am so sad

78.  sadness has not a good heart

79.  it is very sad to live like an alone

80.  sadness ways are always closed for me

sad status

sad status for Facebook 

81.  sadness is not just like me

82.  they can live me and then they realize they are sad for lifting me

83.  if you  have no idea what to do in sadness time then you don't do anything because time is the best medicine for all

84.  sadness is not my way

85.  don't push yourself to feel sad

86.  I feel and realize the sadness is very beautiful

87.  some people can do only jokes on you this can hurt me a lot

88.  happiness  is a gold time and sadness is like coal time

89.  sadness is a life's reality

90.  my life is so boring it is very sad

91. I have a no  partner to take my hand for a lifetime

92.  sadness can nothing change your happiness into sadness

93.  my smile can hide more than sadness in inner

94.  if  you have not time pass then you do it feel sad because sadness is a time pass

95.  sadness  is not  my lifetime partner

96.  suddenly I can feel sad

97.  some times is sadness is better than happiness

98.  through your  sad things in this river  they can live it any other places

99. I have no idea how to find my happiness is in with sadness

100.  I can smile more than I upset or sad more