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Top best & unique cute status & quotes in English for WhatsApp & fb - here you find cute status and latest cute status and quotes in English so guys welcome to the my site here you find best of collection about that the cute status so cuteness is very important and this can make your life good and happiness.

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1.  cuteness is my style, not in me

2.  if you think I am so cute then you are wrong I am cute only for me

3.  the easy days  don't happen in every day

4.  I know I am so cute don't be tell this

5.  if I am cute then not the thing I am so easy because I am so hard

6.  life gives you more cuteness if you take them easily

7.  take my anger like a lesson, take my kindness like a helper, and take my cuteness like a pleasure

8.  my dream is so big so there is no value for less cuteness

9.  I need some cute peoples who make me cute

10.  if you see with cute attitude then you can see an almost cuteness  in everything so change your seeing attitude

11.  cute means = lovely + caring + smart + goodness

12.  if you give peoples cuteness then you can find peoples cuteness so take them good

13.  here are no place for anger so give cuteness

14.  I will never realise what can me make cute and cool

15.  behind in every successful person have there is a big cuteness in inner

16.  I am not cute but my thing is also  very cute

17.  don't be make so cute because some people use your cuteness in a wrong way

18.  please follow me only cute peoples

19.  cuteness is like a shadow

20.  natures cuteness is the best cuteness which is can make us happier

21.  never be think cute peoples are being weak they were  also strong

22.  I am mind-blasting persons which feelings can make me cute

23.  never be jealous for by the any cuteness

24.  cuteness is a good feeling which is never end

25.  the real fragrance is never in perfume or an in a cent but it is also in cuteness

26.  cuteness is always fly in all the hearts

27.  cuteness deserves only respect and cuteness so don't be rudy

28.  my cuteness value is a very high

29.  if you broke me then I show you my rudeness in the place of cuteness

30.  some peoples are very cute who are crazy about our passion

31.  craziness is in my cuteness not in my mind

32.  be cute for only your well-wishers not for bad wishers

33.  cuteness is a sign of your heart is very big and good

34.  cute peoples are always much special

35.  cuteness is  in my blood which is never be less or end of it

36.  if you think my cute is for impression then you are wrong it is also for good feelings

37.  never be forget your cuteness because it is very special and doesn't have to all of them

38.  if you are cute then you are a hero in my eyes

39.  cute peoples are always daring

40.  cute peoples eyes can see always big goals and big dreams and achieve it fast

41. I am the king about the cuteness

42. I need my queen who deserves my cuteness

43.  if you never know about the cuteness then you  also see me first

44.  the cutest way of finding of your goals is only your hard work only

45.  the light of cuteness is be gone dim

46.  the most cuteness is also very dangerous so think again

47.  cute behavior is shining like a star and shines all the hearts

48.  the world is not very cute so don't make own cuter

49.  if a person doesn't know the value of cuteness then the person never be succeed in our life

50.  cuteness is not in a be to make like a hero but it is also in a good heart

51.  my cuteness is in with my births

52.  I never show my cuteness because I know so cute

53.  if you have a cuteness then you win all of the person's hearts very easily

54.  my cuteness is sound very loud but no person can listen to

55.  cute peoples always have a  smile

56.  your success is first is in your heart

57. I salute the cuteness which makes goodness everywhere

58.  I have wings of  cuteness it is active more than

59.  cuteness is the sensor of good hearts

60.  be cute, be easy, be good, be best

61.  cuteness is the my lovely window

62.  cuteness is the home of lovers

63.  don't be tense, be  cute

64.  cuteness is the mother of kindness

65.  make your life easy by adding some cuteness