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Top latest like status and quotes in English 

1.  I like you more than you this know you

2.  note this note in your mind if you like me then I will be like you

3.  if you know me then also you will be liked me

4.  like is a thing which also with me with all the things

5.  wake up for the rights and wake up for the likes

6.  if you not able to improve your likeness then you are not able to any other things

7.  believe in yourself and like in yourself

8.  the best mind is my like mind

9.  make your day like it's your heaven day

10.  miss the day which is like you

11. I am a vision for you likes you always and also

12.  the feature of like  is not by the face it is by the hearts

13.  the good things is my likely things

14.  associate the things with the likely  things

15.  behave the good for the shows like good

16.  my way is like a god way

17.  if you love your likes then you live life in a better way

18.  wonder things is a likely thing

19.  I like your baby so please return my like by you

20.  I like the way which way you went

21.  my life is yours and my dreams is like yours

22.  if your love is  a such alike you then your love is true love

23.  tick up your day for the like day with the hard work

24.  the possibility is my tour for the loving like a tour

25. I also like the way for the hard-working way

26.  make your life is for the like  the big dreams not for the short dreams

27.  goal is the my life for living with like a wild

28.  my secret is my attitude for others likes

29.  my dose is for the rights is not for the hate

30.  wake for the mind is for the likely mind

31.  my style is like the style of a hero

32.  I am feeling and lifelike for the bold

33.  my dream is only for my likeness

34.  my best time is for the like time

35.  dude, I am bad for the who can not like me

36.  you look  good with likes me at the views

37.  soon for the right and soon for the like

38.  broom up your day is with the like day

39.  like is that the feelings which starting point of  any loves

40.  I also like the name for the bad boy name

41.  my thoughts is only for the winning likes a bold

42.  be also  be faith for the love and also for the likes

43.  you gain big if you like  your work more then the others

44.  like is that thing which can add more strong things in your life

45.  my life is made for the likes and also for the be rights

46.  be also  feel  awesome and winning like  a awesome

47.  your health for the minds is in your likely things and the weakness is mind is by the hate things

48.  live your life with more pleasure because it's for the like love the life

49.  I good friend is like your teacher in your life

50.  I like the thoughts which can be moderate me in all the ways

like status in English for Facebook 

51.  you will  be shine if you like  yourself

52.  give the likes for the god who can take care yours all the time

53.  save some likes for the friends who can with you in the lifetime

54.  I know I am like a cool in all the hot days

55.  make your habits for the rights and also for the likes

56.  blessed  up your day for the like the good day

57.  make up your vision for like the best success vision

58.  my best flavor is with my success life flavor

59.  my joy is my peoples like for me all the times

60.  my likes for the parents who can with me and support me all the time

61.  the loving path is my likes path

62.  like my name for loving to all with the same

63.  like your life than the others and then you see that you are live your life with the pleasure

64.  flour up your life is with the like yourself more than

65.  my lessons is for the likes not for the life

66.  bridal up your day with adding the likes in your days

67.  if you live in the relation of true loves then never be forget the give the likes for together

68.  I like my moves which can win my race in all the days

69.  create your world in which you live like a king in your life

70.  likes me guys because I likes you guys

71.  my life tour is for the likes and for the nice

72.  vote up your life for winning like a with high

73.  if you try to for the best then before do try to likes someones because of it's your great move for the best

74.  also likes your good habits not bad habits

75.  my touch of thoughts for the likes not for the hates

76.  I like the things  which things can give me path to the success

77.  my partener is the best likes of my life

78.  if you able to collect the likes with the crore peoples then deserve for being the millionaire

79.  I also like the day which can moderate me all-day

80.  my heart is the my main power for my gaining my all likes

81.  also likes your day for the prepare the best day

82.  if you think like a big then you can achive like a big

83.  I am the dad for the likes in the bad

84.  like your life like your vision is the best for you in your life

85.  smile is the best things to finds the thousands of likes

86.  like is  a power of peoples which can with me all the time

87.  blow up your day for the likes your day

88.  beat the world with the likes of minds

89.  luck is like a gift which can given by the gods for the god's likely persons

90.  if you believe then you able to like a really achieve

91.  give the your best try for your life likes

92.  my likes is only for you my life

93.  my likely best game is the my love game

94.  hydrate the life with look like  a nice

95.  my theme for the lives is for the likes not for the brights

96.  if you see good then you could make  it like it good

97.  if you positive then you create it likely positive

98.  the one lesson for life is for the always loves and likes your life and dreams

99.  I like the theme which can moderate me in dreams

100.  I also like the prays to god for you