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Top latest women status and quotes in English 

1.  women is that thing which is always a sign of a power

2.  women are a good teacher for badders

3.  the reason for women is always with a vision of goodness

4.  women are a territory of a situation

5.  women's blessings is a great source of success

6.  the women's always make history is better than the men's history

7.  the history can say that the women are siblings of a god

8.  the loyal part of life is a part of women's in life

9.  the journey of toughness is a journey of a women's

10.  women is the best victory in the world

11.  the women's level is upper than the other always

12.  sure guard of things is a women things

13.  the language of sweetness is the language of a women

14.  the exact way is a way which is gone to the goals is a women way

15.  the literature of life is written by the women's also

16.  heart of the women's is a big ocean of the feelings

17.  women's are a disaster for the world

18.  the lay of the beauty of beautiful things is a thing of women's

19.  the light way is a women's way

20.  the be always loyal for women's because they are always loyal for us

21.  women's  is not a selection but it is a valuation

22.  learn how to balance life is by the women's also

23.  live guard is a women's guard

24.  don't and never hope the women's  are weaker they stronger than you always

25.  women's beauty is in the things not in the face

26.  live life like a great like  a women's

27.  do go the right path is gone by the path of women's

28.  the virtue is a women's thing

29.  give the difference in your life by the take hands of women's

30.  definitely and definitely women's is legendary for the problems

31.  my oxygen of life is a women's  always

32.  my lovely feel is come by the my women nearness also

33.  best of the luck is the women's luck

34.  women's are a dream for a dare and this is never daring for the dare

35.  wow thoughts is a women's  thoughts

36.  women's are blessings for to the alls

37.  women's side is the best side of joy

38.  pleasure is a locker and the key for this is always a woman

39.  never be loss a true women is a secretly your winning part

40.  a missy thing is a women's things

41.  fit of life is with the women's life

42.  visionary leader is always a woman

43.  fragrance can add joy and women add the feel of joy in your life

44.  flight way is women way

45.  my style is very different then the other it is awake me more than

46.  the glass of solution is a part of women's life 

47.  season comes in own time and women came in an own time

48.  you never find my destiny is gone by me

49.  be cleaver for me because I am your bite of success

50.  wide wings is a women's wings

women status in English for Facebook 

51.  diamond time is a women time

52.  be also for a reason is a woman freedom

53.  women are like the bubbles in your life's air

54.  women is dictionary for a keeping good cool and calm

55.  women glad is a beauty glad

56.  women is not a go or a slow-motion is a song motion

57.  women's style up is the best style up

58.  the attitude of women is always a best attitude for all the time

59.  the woman is a dream because good  woman can find out by the more difficulties

60.  the faith is always with the woman always

61.  a good woman is better than them all the best things

62.  live like a king is a woman thing

63.  the woman is Silvester for the moments

64.  the heaven night is with the woman night

65.  the woman is a flavor of a goal

66.  low of the world is always with the woman

67.  the step of a woman is a queen way of a beauty

68.  women's is god's best gifts for to the alls

69.  wheel of the heart is centric in the women's

70.  woman's style and attitude is based on their level of mind

71.  the magic of dream to reality is can possible by the women's

72.  the breaker for the bad way is a women's always

73.  the gladiator is a situation of a women's

74.  the magic of love is with the woman love

75.  a woman can make you like the best for your life

76.  woman is a cheer up for the enjoyment

77.  belive of things is a women things

78. woman is a devil for the in some time if she's mood is off

79.  the guard of a woman is their smile

80.  lacks of sacrifices is a women sacrifices

81.  day of shine is a woman shine

82.  give respect to the women if you give the respect then they give you more

83.  the poem of the heart is a poem of a women

84.  wonder street is a woman street

85.  the match up of life is never be seen only by the men here are the big role of a woman

86.  dare to be women is a daring also

87.  long way is women way

88.  lay of the beauty is the seven-star beauty of  a women

89.  the relief of time has come with the women's also

90.  mind your language and mind up your  thing with the women

91.  women are the best friend if you able  to make it

92.  the only reason for a  good vision is a woman

93.  glad the day with the women's day

94.  the glamour of  life is by the women

95. women are marbled and durable for all  the time

96.  woman heart is a glowing heart

97.  wide your things with the women's

98.  true eye is a women's eye

99.  light up the fuel with the women's mood

100.  the crazy thing is a woman only about women