Top best & unique water status & quotes in english for whatsapp & fb 

Top best & unique water status & quotes in english for whatsapp & fb - here you find water status and water status and quotes in English hello guys welcome to the my site water is common thing to live the life and their are multiple uses of its so for saving the water also use water status and quotes if you looking for the water status then here you find best of collection about that the topic. 

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water status

Top latest water status and quotes in English 

1.  water is my soul of the body

2.  water is my second breath for the living life

3.  water is alive for all the beings

4.  water is my way for the save

5.  save water is your world, not the other world

6.  water is a guard for normal persons

7.  is the water has then the life has have

8.  my fun is with the water fun

9.  your body in nothing inn without the water

10.  dear world is the water is only my love

11.  water is a trigger for the life

12.  water is a theme for the life

13.  water is oxygen for the human body

14.  my play is water play

15.  water is not the one term is a term for the life so save this

16.  my dedication is my savings for the water

17.  be a good person with a water saver person

18.  light up the life with the water life

19.  the savior of life is a water of the life

20.  water is that the thing which is never been an end

21.  water is a game for the life

22.  water is a meditation for the life

23.  I live the one dream is a water dream

24.  fun of life is that the water of the life

25.  the blow shine is a water shine

26.  water world is my world

27.  the freaky night is a water night

28.  hydroxide life with water life

29.  rain is for the save water, not for the wastewater

30.  lay for tthe life is with the water life

31.  one drop of the water is more important

32.  the ocean is made by the drops so save every drop of the water

33.  water is a day of bright

34.  my play is my water play

35.  one glass water is a whole treatment for the various diseases

36.  water is my dedication for the life

37.  if you save the water then you save the world

38.  trust in your self and begin to save water and you see that the peoples will follow you always

39.  water is a natural best things ever

40.  water is a god's best gift for the world

41.  water is a blessing for all beings

42.  my only desire for the water

43.  water is a love to be a human being

44.  if you waste the water then you waste your life

45.  water is a messy thing which is everything

46.  lack of love is with the water loves

47.  water is the energy for all body

48.  water is god's greatest creations ever

49.  if you never understand the value of water then you stupid

50.  decorate these the world with the water world

water status

water status in English for facebook 

51.  water is the real shine of life

52.  water is a flavor for a good and happy life

53.  mind your value with the water value

54.  feel cool with the water in the pool

55.  I also like the days with the water days

56.  the real heaven I can find then I have water

57.  water is a deal for the happy feel

58.  wing the life is with the waters life

59.  never be underestimated the power of water

60.  the water is a swimming pool looks like a best in the world

61.  I fun life is with the bitch life with the water

62.  I am in the water and the world is in the water

63.  clear your vision for the water vision

64.  sympathy for life is with the only water life

65.  my wave is my water

66.  water is a clone for the body

67.  water is  a dad for the human body

68.  if you save the water then the water can save you a lifetime

69.  the cool night is with the water night

70.  give the oxide to your morning with the water morning

71.  water is a feel of life

72.  wake the mind with the water

73.  water is a mission to save the humans

74.  my morning has never been started if I have no water

75.  my night is not going to be shut down if I have no water

76.  water is a best science for the better living life

77.  I am a guy who only made by the water

78.  the means of raining water is meant the savings water

79.  follow the rules for the keep the drops of water

80.  minds best friend is the water also

81.  water is a beam is with the happy seen

82.  water is a way which is going for the joy

83.  lime rights is the water life

84.  water is a journey to live to the life

85.  no make the fun of water if the water can want then you make the fun of water with dangerous

86.  the king of farm is the only water
87.  the body rewinder is the only water

88.  trees best friends is the water and sunlight

89.  do your best for finding the best for the water 

90.  water is one thing is that things the world can depend on it one thing

91.  my tension is only for the water waste tension

92.  add the health with the water world

93.  water is a king in the natural things

94.  moves of the bright up is a move of the  water up

95.  fly like the waves is with the water waves

96.  my guard  of  the way is  a waterway

97.  my mind is going in the around is with water wound

98.  my passion is for the saving water

99.  water is a dream for the good living

100.   the best price of the world is a water world