Top best & unique whatsapp status & quotes in english for boys 

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1.  boys are always smart and advanced for anytime

2.  boys are the best dude for the best

3.  boys attitude is a warm attitude which is very angry

4.  be learn how to be kept cool and calm so learn from the boys

5.  freedom of life is with always with the boys

6.  boys have only season that is a love season

7.  boys have a lots of passion about own style

8.  the king of romance is seen with the boys

9.  a good guy is better than them all guys

10.  boy is a giveaway of the life

11.  be genius and intelligent like  the boys

12.  general thing is  the boy's thing that is always lives

13.  fun of  life is with always with the boys

14.  boys is that guy who is always gone in the right path

15.  the boys are not only doing the thing but also do it is

16.  way of intelligence is the way of the boys only

17.  boy cut is the best cut

18.  boys with a girl are that the smartness with the life

19.  live fearless life the life with like a fearless boy

20.  the slim fit boy is the best to all the guy

21.  the boys game is the dangerous game

22.  boys have supernatural power if you see that then you can feel it

23.  the boy thing is like a trailer and their style is like the picture

24.  the vision of boys is a good vision

25.  girls have so lucky because they have the hand of boys

26.  matching of life is with the boys of the life

27.  don't be easy for the boys

28.  boys have a common thing that is their gentleman thing

29.  boys have their own level that is a high-quality level

30.  boys attitude is an endless attitude

31.  boys are like a god for their board

32.  boys beard is like a  cup of the head

33.  boys theme is the denim theme

34.  boys talents are also heavy to all the talents

35.  I am the grammar of the girls

36.  boys never are defeated by the problems but they defeat it also

37.  boys are like stars in the sky

38.  the day with the good boys is a good day with the boys

39.  status of boys depends on their mood

40.  the mood of boys is such a hilarious

41.  the true take care of life is with only with the boys

42.  session of life is with me all the time 

43.  boys division is the first division also

44.  heart of boys is very soft so don't play with it

45.  boys life is a fun life

46.  changer of history is possible by the maker of history it is also a boy

47.  bad things start with the boys

48.  boys journey is the only go to the success way

49.  boys are like chance so accept this also

50.  boys night is the best night

51.  the sign of boy is the sign of joy

52.  eliminate this life with the help of the boys

53.  daily exercise is the normal routine of the boys

54.  cheerfulness of life is with the boys

55.  defender of life is the boys only

56.  the face of boys is always going to shine up

57.  boys can do change the world if they dream it

58.  Silvester of life is in the side of boys

59.  break up thing is that the boy's thing

60.  boys are like the luck of life

61.  boys is the possibility of the doing is can never miss it

62.  the value of mind is with the only boy's minds

63.  I am the boy, I am the way, I am the rout, and I am the everything

64.  boys have own unique time this is a dreamer time

65.  boys are harder is the view of upper and very soft in inner

66.  boys can do gone be wrong if you went be wrong with them

67.  example of the boys is the examples of the biggers

68.  boys are a bit of the god who is whisper for the life

69.  gold boys also find in the gold  time

70.  be beware for life also and be beware for the boys also

71.  wisdom of life with the boys and girls only

72.  have their own world, have a unique world, have a boys world

73.  learn like the boys they always hate this

74.  boys are like the garden of the home

75.  the boy is the best mind, the boy is the best time, the boy is the best ability

76.  boys taste is like the mango the king to all the taste

77.  boys are the best wizard to all of the guys

78.  boy game is the dream game

79.  boy is a mashup of the life

80.  devil  of life is with the level of the boys

81.  the bond of boys is the bond of life

82.  boys lessons are the winner's lessons

83.  the bomb of life is the boys